Workforce Planning, Talent Supply Chain and On-Boarding

How well do you know your workforce? What does the future hold, both for the people you have now and those you'll hire? Who will you develop, and who will you actively recruit?

At Prosper we'll work with you to ensure that these areas are addressed and incorporated into short, medium and longer-term organisational and recruitment activity and planning. In pursuit of this we're presently adopting and adapting some of today's most advanced new recruitment models.

Workforce Planning is about cementing your future success by accessing the best available talent and ensuring a good fit with your business. What's the right mix of knowledge, skills and experience? How do you get the right people in the right place at the right time? We'll closely analyse and identify the people you'll need to achieve your goals.

The concept of the Talent Supply Chain has been called the most promising workforce planning solution yet created. It's done by combining innovative process-mapping, modelling and forecasting tools with the principles of Supply Chain Management (SCM).

"The old adage, people are your most important asset turns out to be wrong. People are not your most important asset. The right people are." Jim Collins

As competition for hiring and retaining the best people increases and the available workforce shrinks, using the correct tools and thinking to incorporate a plan that takes account of talent availability and forecasting is essential.

What do we need? What do we have already? What will we need? Where are the gaps? Where will they be sourced? What are the time scales? What is the Return on Investment and how do we influence and intervene to get the desired results?

Profiling the talent pipeline is an essential tool for modern competitive business. Prosper has expertise in developing and implementing strategic planning to identify and tap into talent to create talent pools around specific skills sets for use as an organisation grows.  

How do you get the best results from the people you're hiring? On-boarding is the process of ensuring new joiners are fully engaged from the start. It has been proved that there is a direct link from company profitability to the recruitment process and how employees are brought on-board. As Prosper is a close partner to its clients, it incorporates methods that transition people right from thier first experience of dealing with them to fully starting thier new role.

Accommodating and acclimatising new people to a culture or methodology which, though familiar to you, can represent radical change to them. More than a simple exercise in orientation, on-boarding is as vital a part of the recruitment jigsaw as any, improving productivity and employee retention and going a long way to fostering a shared and equable corporate culture.

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