Recruitment Process Outsourcing - Prosper's Tailored Version

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) from Prosper is designed to relieve the headaches often associated with an all-embracing recruitment programme, cutting your costs and freeing you to get on with business.

At Prosper, we utilise our proven RPO skills to work closely with you, shouldering the burdens of finding, hiring and retaining the personnel who'll contribute to the success of your business.

We begin by getting to know your company's needs, values, brand culture and working patterns. From here we'll manage your requirements in full by agreeing a professional recruitment structure, leaving you the time to focus on your core business priorities.

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About RPO

Recruitment is naturally essential to the growing company. At one time or another, every business short of a sole tradership must engage in a recruitment programme if it's to address opportunities and grow.

RPO is where full-service recruitment consultancy and campaigns are managed by a trusted external partner. In a nutshell, RPO frees your time, saves you money and gives you the widest possible choice of high-calibre candidates.

Kept in-house, recruitment processes increasingly more complex, time-consuming and expensive. Seemingly endless in scale and longevity - planning and executing ongoing recruitment campaigns that cover all bases critical to the selection and hire of good people would appear to do little more than keep you from more profitable activities.

As competition for hiring and retaining the best people increases and the available workforce shrinks, new methods of recruitment are rapidly developing. Consequently, clients are acknowleging their need to be more sophisticated and creative in their approach to attracting staff.

We recognise that, to many, RPO is simply another obscure acronym; what they do know, however, is that help with their recruitment is an imperative - and provided a professional consultancy can prove its skills and track record, they're happy to hire them to provide this support.

Ably positioned to offer RPO at different levels and project sizes, we pride ourselves on seamless delivery of objective, timely and relevant services. By evolving our recruitment model with the changing times, we're at the forefront of this market.

Prosper RPO Diagram


Letting Prosper manage your recruitment process considerably increases the chances of a smooth and successful hire. You can enjoy measurable cost savings almost immediately, with a better calibre of candidate usually guaranteed.

We can take care of all crucial and relevant elements of the recruitment process to help leverage all the benefits of working with Prosper.

Offering a tailored solution for each role, we'll look in detail at your resourcing strategy, selection and on-boarding. Your Prosper Account Manager can be embedded in your team as a dedicated HR and recruitment resource, working at your offices and Prosper's. We can handle any size of project and level of hiring, for all job functions and industry sectors.

Our tailored solutions can be used for projects, company departments or the whole recruitment function within any size of business, large or small. And whatever you choose can be scaled up or down, or switched off at any time, to match your changing needs.

Why Choose Prosper

We offer you the benefit of our many years' experience running tailored, proactive and highly-innovative talent acquisition solutions.

This table compares a traditional agency sourcing strategy with a strategic talent partnership with Prosper. Whatever the size of your business, our solutions have the flexibility to be used for projects, company departments or your entire recruitment function.



Return On Investment

Judging accurately the cost of an outsourced recruitment process - and by implication its potential return on investment (ROI) - can be deceptive. While RPO is superficially an expensive way to hire personnel, its costs are inevitably exceeded by other methods, including the 'DIY' option, where so many factors need to be considered other than broadly-accepted advertising, marketing and agency fees.

In fact, a non-RPO solution would almost certainly see your costs further inflated by tax, payroll, travel, staff benefits, training, office expenses, hardware & software, legal and other support services.

By taking into account such factors - all of which would be included within our overall RPO package - you can readily see how much you could save by instructing Prosper.

We'd also relieve you of the time-consuming nuances of the recruitment process: details with which you might be largely unfamiliar, but which Prosper understands to the letter.


Prosper can apply RPO strategies to a variety of organisational types, covered by three principal types of application:

  • SME and project-based RPO
  • Specialist technical and IT talent acquisition packages
  • Corporate projects, assignments and cretaive initiatives
  • Human Capital Institute
  • AIRS Advanced Cert
  • AIRS Certificate
  • AIRS Diversity