Prosper will help identify the options and opportunities available to those moving from their current employer; whether their goal is to advance to the next stage of a present career path, to set up their own business or to explore completely new avenues.

Outplacement strategies are designed to provide empathy, support and practical career guidance to people imminently leaving their jobs.

To help such employees through and beyond what can be a difficult time, Prosper's outplacement service is founded on a simple, powerful truth: that not only are personal characteristics entirely unique, but also that individual needs vary at different times.

As with so many areas of the recruitment industry, there can be no 'one size fits all' solution to the challenges of outplacement and redeployment. It's crucial to establish a model that recognises the primacy of one-to-one relationships, supported by - but never subservient to - the latest in web-based technology.

In fact, we're hugely proud of how well we personally interact with people. Far from becoming slaves to unbendingly generic process, our experience permits us almost intuitively to fit the right tools and advice to the circumstances in hand and tease from individuals the often nuanced information which will help their journey. And since we know that it's not enough simply to provide off-the-shelf skills which might see people succeed as they return to the job market, we also work very hard to establish the right connections and, inasmuch as it's possible, have some control over the future.

Major advantages for all individuals - and the companies themselves

A well-rounded outplacement strategy will benefit not only those bound for new opportunities, but also the people who remain with the organisation - and, by association, the employer itself.

Research has proven that, at its most effective, an outplacement programme is a powerful incentive for retained employees, boosting both morale and productivity. And the good feelings are fostered still further, as client companies learn of their ex-employees' successful transitions to pastures anew.

Prosper's outsourcing service demonstrates both our passion and our compassion. We strive to identify individual goals and how to harness positive future opportunities, at the same time empathising with impending personal and organisational change, no matter how sensitive.

We also understand all tried-&-trusted outplacement tools, both modern and traditional. Taking full advantage of available measures, including the techniques of LinkedIn and the best ways to manage recruitment agencies, we can tailor a host of resources according to individual circumstance:

  • Teaching highly-effective networking techniques
  • Experienced in all aspects of self-marketing, including CV preparation, presentation and distribution
  • Personal career action plans drawn up
  • Current contract with the Department of Work and Pensions to deliver affordable tailored outplacement packages for both SMEs and large corporates.
  • Human Capital Institute
  • AIRS Advanced Cert
  • AIRS Certificate
  • AIRS Diversity