Markets & Expertise

Prosper's success in delivering recruitment solutions is based on 'exclusive focus'. By partnering with you and forensically homing in on your every need, we can arrive at a finely-tailored proposition which we'll then execute deftly and with supreme efficiency.

Today's business environment is characterised by diversity; from market to market, company to company, role to role. In such a changeable and often unpredictable environment, the broader processes of providing talent on demand to discerning clientele won't sustain the inflexibility of a 'one size fits all' policy.

Despite this, the specialisms of most recruiters remain limited, mainly to closely-related role clusters or industry sectors. By approaching talent acquisition as if it were a generic, off-the-shelf commodity, such suppliers fail to account for the numerous variables which drive the job market. They're thus ill-equipped to meet individual briefs, deliver the best possible hires and develop trusting, long-term partnerships.

At Prosper, we know our customers deserve better. We therefore work with a relatively compact body of clients closely enough to gain deep insights into their businesses and industry domains. With an intimate grasp of target markets, business goals, operational models and departmental/team cultures, we can fully address all issues relating to clients' recruitment needs; no matter how densely populated with detail or, by contrast, apparently insignificant.

To get to this place, our broader business skills were forged prior to learning our recruitment tradecraft, with a background at the feet of some of the world's finest brands. This means we're well-versed in commercial and technical job functions and specific markets, and can adapt quickly to the changing requirements of our clients.

Our strategy has gained momentum by way of our strength in three principal areas:

  • Constant awareness of all recruitment trends, strategies and methods
  • Experience and skills in tailoring these methods to your changing requirements
  • Quick, comprehensive assimilation and understanding of your market domain.
  • Human Capital Institute
  • AIRS Advanced Cert
  • AIRS Certificate
  • AIRS Diversity