International Executive Search

Our philosophy: to create a professional dialogue with you – as if you’re our only customer.

We’re not just executive search and talent acquisition specialists. We’re also classically-trained professionals. And we’ve a track record of making things happen.

Consider the advantages of partnering with Prosper:

We have many more high-quality candidates >

Large or niche-market recruitment suppliers have many one-market customers from which they can't actively headhunt. Though loosely using the term 'search' for effect, they can't actually deliver full search solutions. By restricting our client base, we reduce our 'off limits' restrictions and maximise the number of candidates we can approach for you.

We have an even better understanding of your needs than you’d think >

We can help you restructure, rethink and clarify, enabling you to create a more effective and successful organisation. We tend to work with just a few sector-specific customers - provenly an attractive business model for clients recruiting multiple role types. Effectively we'll champion your company; armed with an end-to-end knowledge of your style, brand, values and niche requirements, we become a highly effective recruiter for your business.

Over time, you'll find this a benefit of exceptional power. As well as delivering consistent results, we'll save you money; with no teams of consultants forced to meet financial placement targets, we focus wholly on client delivery, project-managing shared goals and repeat business.

We're constantly praised for challenging conventional thinking; please see our clients' testimonials.

Our search and selection techniques give you the edge >

Through training, Prosper has adapted and reinvented the techniques of some of the world's most established search companies.

  • Up-to-date techniques and technology: we took part in some 30 specialist courses during 2008 and 2009 on sophisticated global search methods for sourcing the best talent available through companies such as AIRs.
  • We've trained researchers at some of the world's top executive search companies, continually sharing results-driven techniques in Europe and the US.
  • We invest in the most advanced and sophisticated search technology, linking online social networking techniques to executive search databases.

We’ll be focused and dedicated to your assignment >

Keeping things simple - working with only a few companies in any one area - fuels our passion for delighting our customers and achieving repeat business. And each and every one of our retained assignments has been completed successfully.

With Prosper, search means search - and not from a database. Seeking top management talent takes time, focus, tenacity, knowledge, skills and up-to-the-minute techniques and tools. Only with this mix can we reach passive, less-visible candidates by way of fresh, in-depth research into agreed target companies.

You’ve no need to manage an array of part-committed suppliers and candidates >

One point of contact... and you're in control. Since we manage all parties involved on your behalf, you're free to focus on your core business imperatives.

To build professional credibility for your assignment and your long-term business, with accurate selection, negotiation and on-boarding processes, it's vital to manage and deliver a consistent message to your candidate market. We manage candidates with care, clarity and expertise - and you can be assured we'll represent your brand and business with accuracy and skill.

  • Excellent candidate communication
  • Consistent selection methods
  • Competitive and shrewd remuneration negotiation
  • Human Capital Institute
  • AIRS Advanced Cert
  • AIRS Certificate
  • AIRS Diversity