Prosper Consulting Ltd is fully aware that the environment can potentially be impacted by any of its activities and design and delivery of its products and services.

We are environmentally conscious and act responsibly in taking our impact on the environment seriously. We do our utmost to ensure that all aspects of our business have the least harmful effect on the environment.

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Environmental Policy:

In the implementation of this policy Prosper Consulting Ltd adheres to the requirements of local, national and international law pertaining to the environment and will ensure this policy is kept up-to-date in line with those requirements.

We are committed to prevent pollution wherever possible and will ensure that as well as optimising new products, services and processes to facilitate this prevention existing business processes are reviewed in order to identify areas to reduce environmental impact.

We strive to ensure that all aspects of the business have the least harmful effect on the environment in the following ways. Prosper Consulting:

  • operates out of a relatively small office on the outskirts of Harrogate and our physical size gives us a naturally low 'carbon footprint'
  • off-sets our carbon emissions for our website, by subscribing to coco2, which is owned and managed by Carbon Reg Limited (www.coco2.org)
  • reduces or eliminates where possible the use of polluting materials or technologies
  • recycles or re-uses materials where ever possible
  • transfers materials or waste for recycling or reuse and where no other option is available, controls and environmental disposal
  • orders supplies in sufficient quantity to reduce unnecessary deliveries
  • conducts most communication by e-mail and telephone where possible and by not participating in wasteful direct paper marketing campaigns
  • makes use of public transport where economical and practical.

Integration of environmental management procedures and processes are in keeping with the general operation of Prosper Consulting to maximise the potential reduction of the organisation's environmental impact. Furthermore Prosper will ensure that where possible products and services are designed and developed in such a way as to reduce the environmental impact of their users, customers and stakeholders.

Prosper Consulting will set a leading example of good environmental management for its industry.

It is the responsibility of management to ensure that this policy is implemented throughout our organisation and its development.

Signed on behalf of Prosper Consulting Ltd by Simon Ibson - Director

1st January 2010.

This policy will be renewed annually and is made available to all staff members who are responsible for implementing and circulating this policy where appropriate. Along with other policies including ethical business practices, equality and diversity, professionalism and quality of service, the environment will always perform a part of how we run our business.

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