Benefits of working with Prosper

You need the best. To attract and secure high-calibre people, quickly and efficiently, Prosper can shrug off the competition and comprehensively manage your entire recruitment process.

We'll help you gain the competitive advantage.

You'll get the best people

To optimise your competitiveness in a fast-moving and unpredictable market - and a business environment in which good people are prized assets - we'll help you secure the very best individual talent, rapidly and effectively.

You'll enjoy a professional partnership that delivers

Close, personal liaison with our clients can only lead to an equable and productive working partnership. By combining Prosper's account and project specialisms with how you relate to us as a trusted supplier, our two companies' respective values and activities interacting to mutual advantage, the quest for greater efficiencies in talent acquisition can continually hit the mark. Your recruitment frustrations significantly wane - as do your business costs, risks and time-to-hire.

You'll reduce your costs

To cut your recruitment costs we don't apply a fixed rate. Our fee structure varies according to the demands of your project, whatever its size. In other words, you'll never be expected to pay for a service for which you've no use.

You'll relieve your admin headaches

We'll liaise with agencies and candidates while shouldering all other recruitment process operations. This gives you the time to focus on more pressing strategic and value-added business activities.

You'll have improved quality

We guarantee you a tailor-made service of the highest quality. By monitoring all candidates and by deploying competency-based interview techniques we demonstrably improve the quality of your hires.

You'll have cutting-edge technology

New technology, related to and adapted specifically for talent acquisition, is key to our service. On your behalf we'll deploy the best in IT to pare back your overheads and measurably boost your business productivity.

You'll marginalise your risks

To ensure you of an optimum, productive workforce, and for the peace of mind that you fully comply with ever-changing employment legislation, we aim to mitigate all risks associated with your recruitment process.

Taking on more or fewer staff than you need can be expensive. So too can legal oversights, no matter how apparently minor. On analysing the conditions of your specific marketplace, we'll advise you how best to scale your workforce in line with demand.

Since we also keep a watchful eye on constantly-shifting employment legislation, we can make sure you're always fully compliant with all issues relating to equal opportunities, discrimination and data protection.

  • Human Capital Institute
  • AIRS Advanced Cert
  • AIRS Certificate
  • AIRS Diversity