About Us

As a pioneer of RPO and expert in multi-method recruitment solutions, with attractively flexible pricing and operational models, Prosper Consulting makes accessible to SMEs levels of recruitment excellence normally only enjoyed by large corporates.

Prosper Consulting's approach is in many ways unique. Naturally our key goal is to resolve our clients' talent acquisition and recruitment needs. But as an acknowleged thought-leader in multi-method recruitment solutions, we've much more to offer.

Prosper was established by Simon Ibson in 2003. Since then our initiatives have been at the cutting edge of recruitment.

Most notable among these is Recruitment Process Outsourcing, or RPO: an holistic and multi-faceted method of recruitment in which a trusted partner takes on all phases of a talent acquisition programme critical to the hire of good people. Thus freed of processes that can be complex, time-consuming and better entrusted to a specialist partner, employers can focus on more pressing business activities.

Transforming business equity

Working with managers to drive individual and organisational performance through specialist project management and mutually-shared goals, we design and execute the most effective ways to recruit and retain the best people. So trusted have we become by our clients for our agility and expertise that we've been able to deliver a wide range of added-value management services.

Our specialist skills span many industry sectors and job functions. We know that the processes which underpin talent acquisition can vary greatly depending on the nature of your business and the positions to be filled. So by drawing upon experience gathered from most corners of UK industry, we've refined the skills of adapting our recruitment techniques according to sector and role - and of showing a dogged, visionary determination to find a solution long after many less-flexible third-party agencies would have given up.

A further key to our success lies in our small (but perfectly formed) client list, and how closely this permits us to work with our customers' key decisionmakers. By clearing the paths of communication to senior directors and HR managers, personally and individually, we've become highly adept at building select, friendly, professional and long-lasting client partnerships, in turn yielding recruitment solutions of exceptional power and longevity.


  • Human Capital Institute
  • AIRS Advanced Cert
  • AIRS Certificate
  • AIRS Diversity